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If you would like to contact police department personnel on an individual basis, you may choose from the email index below. If you are contacting an officer about a specific case, please include the Case No. and/or Event No. in the subject line of your email message.
The Police Department is located in the Village Hall at:202 South Main Street
Horseheads, NY 14845Phone (non-emergency): (607) 739-5668
Fax: (607) 739-3941
Phone (emergency): 911


If you have a general inquire for the police department or you would like to offer feedback on this Web resource, please feel free to complete or online submission form located below on this page.
Personnel Email IndexPolice Officers

  • Dave Kole, Chief of Police – e-mail
  • Tom Stickler, Sergeant – e-mail
  • Michael Barton, Sergeant – e-mail
  • Scott Zelko, Sergeant – e-mail
  • Jamie Burgess, Police Officer – e-mail
  • Brian Nowlan, Police Officer – e-mail
  • Charles Patterson, Police Officer – e-mail
  • Scott McGrain, Police Officer – e-mail
  • David Murray, Police Officer – e-mail
  • Seth A Zawko – e-mail
  • Dan M West – e-mail
  • Zachary Stewart – e-mail
  • David Ruhmel – e-mail

Police Clerk

  • Judy Sawyer, Police Clerk – e-mail

Community Service Officers

  • William Belin, CSO -e-mail
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