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      The Horseheads Police Department is rich in the pages of local history dating back to the mid 1800s; however, most of our accomplishments have been made in the past seven years. Horseheads is located in the upstate New York Finger Lakes region near the Pennsylvania border between the cities of Corning and Elmira.

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In September of 1779, Major General John Sullivan and his troops forged through the area in a campaign against the Six Nations of The Iroquois. The weather and endurance of the campaign soon became too much for the military horses. They grew weak and slowly began to deteriorate. Through distressing acts of humanitarianism, the horses were destroyed. Soon after, the skulls of the horses were arrayed by a few returning Indians. The first settlers built their homes in the immediate area of the embellished horses’ heads, hence the name. Horseheads is the first and only town or village in the United States dedicated to the service of the American Military Horse.

      This dedication is reflected by the Village emblem logo and police department patch. Our police department consists of twelve full-time law enforcement officers and serves approximately 7,000 residents. The breakdown includes a chief of police, three sergeants, and eight patrol officers. One of these officers is also a police K-9 handler, two officers are involved in a multi-jurisdictional special weapons and tactics team, and eight officers are certified as police bike patrol officers. We also have three community service officers, one full-time police clerk, five civilian communication officers, one bingo inspector, and four school crossing guards. Our patrol jurisdiction is 3.9 square miles and we provide twenty-four hour police and dispatch services. Our facility also has two holding cells.